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Get to know Wout, developer at XQTING
Wout's introduction to IT took place in his final year of Latin-Mathematics, during a weekly hour of programming with Python. Intrigued by the code, he decided to dive headfirst into Computer Science, specializing in software, and hasn't regretted it for a second. These studies honed his technical skills and provided him with a solid foundation in various programming languages: "In the IT world, you need to be fairly self-taught and able to find your own way, which I certainly don't mind at all."

First Job
Through LinkedIn, Wout landed at XQTING, and he immediately liked the job: "The variety and working on multiple projects were decisive factors for me." From day one, he was warmly welcomed and well-supported by the team: "There are many experienced people on the team, which is the perfect opportunity for me to learn!" Despite the challenges of familiarizing himself with existing code in a first job, Wout quickly found his way around the projects and now derives a lot of satisfaction from overcoming challenges and seeing results: "I really enjoy it when I completely understand it!" he laughs.

Healthy Mix
Every job usually starts with a certain learning curve, and Wout is well-supported by the entire team, with team lead Sam being supportive about asking questions, according to Wout: "Asking questions is absolutely encouraged here, although I always double-check myself to make sure I can't find it on my own. If I really can't, asking is often the most efficient way to work, in my opinion." The supportive atmosphere in the workplace also includes a healthy dose of autonomy: "Working independently is definitely a plus here, and it can be extremely satisfying when you eventually get a good grip on the project, after largely figuring it out yourself!"

Honesty is the best policy
For Wout, integrity comes first, and he appreciates an open, honest attitude in all aspects of life, including in the workplace. The no-nonsense mentality, open communication, and constructive way of giving feedback at XQTING made him feel comfortable quickly: "Making mistakes here is seen as an opportunity for growth rather than a failure. This naturally gives a lot of confidence!" he confirms.

Looking to the future, Wout cherishes the ambition to explore different roles, with a slight preference for the role as project manager: "It seems interesting to eventually explore the other side of projects." Driven to broaden his IT horizon and gain a lot of expertise, he sees every project as an opportunity for growth and discovery: "I would like to try out different things to see if I like them. Better to try than to do nothing at all. But first, I want to gain more experience and successfully complete several projects," he laughs.


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