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Get to know Matijs, Full Stack Developer at XQTING
'One of the biggest advantages of our team is that everyone is extremely diligent. You get a lot of freedom, but you must be able to handle it.'
Matijs, Full Stack Developer at XQTING

XQTING is a team with different personalities but one common thread: they all possess a healthy dose of humour and self-mockery. There is no room for egos. And the same is true for Matijs Vandenberghe, full stack developer at XQTING for 3 years and 100% mood maker. " We all like to laugh and can tolerate a punch or two. Sometimes you get caught up in a prank; you just have to deal with it. I typically say: 'It's being hit out of love'."

Growth path
Thanks to his studies in Multimedia and Communication Technology in Kortrijk, Matijs discovered programming. His heart was immediately won over. His subsequent career took him to various sectors and companies where he gained a lot of experience. Over time, he realized that he functions well in an environment where transparent cooperation is a priority and where honesty and participation are important. As a result of his search for an open, horizontal culture, Sam Van Belle, a former colleague from a previous company, introduced him to XQTING.

Relaxed atmosphere
Matijs describes the XQTING team as a rather atypical IT team, with few closed personalities and lots of humour: "The atmosphere here is always cheerful, which is very pleasant to work with. The colleagues are also all incredibly pleasant people. Wim and Jan, the managers, are not difficult people and we do not have any outspoken characters in the team."

Openness and participation
The team meets every week for a team meeting, so they understand each other's work. "Our communication is very open, and we are able to provide feedback to management or about a particular project. Jan and Wim are very open to participation and transparent in what they do," says Matijs.

When we ask Matijs how his working day looks like, he clearly enjoys the freedom that Jan and Wim give the team: "As long as we meet the deadlines, we decide when to work on which project. Jan and Wim never check our work. One of the biggest advantages of our team is that everyone is extremely diligent. You get a lot of freedom, but you must be able to handle it."

Being a full stack developer
What exactly does Matijs' job as a full stack developer at XQTING entail? "Actually, I do everything," he explains exuberantly. "I mainly focus on all C# projects because it's my speciality, but I can programme in other languages too if a client requests it."
As a developer at XQTING, you're mainly responsible for developing smart software solutions and (often) complex integrations. Matijs is particularly proud of their own XQi integration engine: "I carried out this project together with Wim, where I was allowed to help set out the architecture and had a lot of responsibilities."

"Rubber ducking"
Matijs clearly likes efficiency. He always tries to find the simplest solution to a problem. For that, he likes to spar with his colleagues. He explains this phenomenon as rubber ducking: "If you are looking for an answer, explain the problem to your colleague and you will usually find a solution automatically. I notice that thanks to rubber ducking, I arrive at the best possible solution faster and my colleagues only have to pretend to listen," he laughs.

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